Shine on: it’s Eid time!


Now that the Eid date is getting closer, your number one focal point should be that celebration time with your close ones. The secret of beauty is definitely reflected inside out. You have spent a long time preparing your mind and soul for this new beginning… Keep in mind that you’ve got everything you need to shine on!

‘To be irreplaceable, one must always be different,’ stated Coco Chanel.
That’s the motto that you need to adopt… and for Eid time, walk in beauty! Go out and feel the sun. Wander and let the wind speak of you… Embrace the golden rays and keep them in your heart… Then smile at the sunsets and shine on at night with your fashionable soul and stylish mind. A little trendy, a little chic, just be. Wherever you are, whenever you stare at the mirror, be aware of the beautiful elegance you hold within… This Eid is a celebration of life, bonds, beauty, and you. Be you!

Here are some up-to-the-minute tips to back you up getting the perfect look for the holidays.

• Tint it right! A dewy look will be perfect to make you look fresh and alluring.
• If you are a brunette, never go out without wearing blush. Keep those cheekbones rosy and high!
• Always use a highlighter; it gives your face a blowy effect and makes it look lifted.
• Shimmer adds drama to your look. Don’t be afraid to turn their heads!

Now you can walk down the catwalk and smile to the world!

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raw look-02

raw look-03

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Infographic: When Does Makeup Expire?


There is a genuine relationship between women and makeup products, an everlasting one. A makeup bag is a woman’s companion wherever she goes; glamorous parties, lavish beaches… But what women should know is that this relationship has to come to an end at a certain time,before it turns into a toxic one.

This infographic will be your guide to the expiration dates of all makeup products.



It should be replaced every 3 months. Its liquid is prone to bacteria and its proximity to your eye may lead to infections.

Liquid Liners:

Same rule as mascara. Pencil eyeliners can go up to 2 years. Tip: Sharpen them each time you use them to keep them fresh.


Foundations are critical. If you smell anything unusual in the formula, then it’s a sign that you need to kiss it goodbye. Most of them last for 1 year. Tip: If you have acne or any sensitive skin condition, toss it after 6 month.


Liquid concealer should be disposed of after one year, and powder concealer remainsusable up to two years.

Nail Polish:

If you notice any weird smell in your nailpolish, then it’s time to break up your relationship. Usually it lasts up to 2 years.


This could be a long-term relationship, but if the lipstick becomes dry, kiss it the last kiss.

Tip: To keep track of your product expiration dates, write the date of purchase with a sharpie on the bottom of each product so you’ll know when they pass their prime.




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Infographics: Which Eyebrows Suit You Best?

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When it comes to choosing which eyebrow design suits your face shape, it can be become a little frustrating. Here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable eyebrows for your face shape:

The Oval Face Shape:

The oval shape is considered one of the ideal face shapes since it defines face features. The soft angled shape eyebrow is perfect for this type of face figure. It goes straight up and then gently curves round at the top and down.

–  The Round Face Shape:

The trick for round shape is to make them less rounded and longer. To attain this, the high arched eyebrows are recommended. What you are looking for is a brow that follows a straight line to the peak of the brow and creates more vertical lines.

– The Long Face Shape:

The advise for long face shapes is to make them shorter.  It is recommended that you use the straight horizontal eyebrow shape. Horizontal shape makes the face look shorter.


– The Square Face Shape:

Square face shape is characterized by a strong square jaw feature. Soften this feature using strong or curved brows. You may use a strong color for the brows and a defined sharp peak at the top.

– The Heart Face Shape:

The best eyebrow for the heart shaped faces is the rounded eye brow. They help create a heart shape using the point of the chin as the heart bottom, and the brows as the heart top.

– The Diamond Face Shape:

The goal is to make the widest part if the face look less wide. To create this look use the curved brow shape or the round shape brows since the curves will help you soften your look.


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Get the Hollywood Old Glam Look.

This Valentine’s , we chose Hollywood’s Old Glam look as an inspiration for this Photo shoot.

To get this look and have your own Bold statement red lips and seductive eye make up, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

1- First of all you need to moisturise you skin. here i used strobe liquid lotion By Mac

( best advised to leave the moisturiser between 3 to 4 minutes before applying makeup).

2-a primer is eesential before applying a foundation matching your skin tone ( i used Make up for Ever HD ).

3- contour your face by highlighting the T-zone and sculpting your cheekbones according to your face shape ( i used pro concealer and correct palette / medium Deep by MAC )


4- prep your eyes with an eyeshadow primer , then add a black shade along the creases of the eye and the eyelids in a smokey effect .
5- Add a red and purple eyeshadow and blend them over the black base to reach this seductive color complexion.

6- use a bronzer blush( Give me Sun by Mac)

7- Fake eyelashes and many coats of Mascara adds drama to the look.

8- Finish up by adding red statement lipstick ( Devil red By Mac ) covered by gloss ( anthurium maleficient edition by mac )

After applying all the above steps, you’re ready to standout amend your friends, and seduce your lover with a simple eye blink.

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Roman inspired look – Spring/summer 2015 trend

Get The Look


This year, The spring summer  most trendy color is going to be : BLUE .


to achieve this dazzling look, and look like a roman empress, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1- start by moisturising your face, add on a primer and dab your face with a foundation matching your skin tone. here i used Make up For Ever MAT VELVET – matifying foundation .

2- contour your face and highlight your T-zone

3- apply an eyeshadow primer from Make up For Ever. Then, add an intense blue color ( aqua cream – intense blue From Make up For Ever )along the eye crease in an almond shape, then add the Golden copper shade under the eyebrows in a banana shape making sure that the edges are totally blended and smudged well.

4-Add false lashes ( short on the inside – medium on the middle eye and large on the edges ) giving gaze to the eyes then add several coats of mascara ( here i used Aqua smokey extravagant Mascara From Make Up For Ever )

5- cover the lips with a raspberry color ( Rouge artist Natural – Raspberry n26 )

6- adorn the cheeks with a creamy blush for an extremely natural flush of color( Flamingo Pink by Make Up For Ever )

give it a try out and share your Feedback . :)

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Get the Grungy-Elegant Look.

How to get  the holiday makeup look?

lana new year1. Start by applying a primer, then a foundation similar to your skin tone and finally some loose powder.
2. For your eyes : start with some eye shadow base to fix the eyeshadow color. It’s a very crucial step; especially when you’re working on a smokey.
3. Use a very dark black kohl (eyeliner) and start by drawing your eyes. Apply it in a thick, dark line above your upper lash line. Try to thicken the amount in the center of the line, while applying more sparingly along the edges.
4. Reach now for your darker eyeshadow. Start at the lash line and with your base color upward. To create the smokey eyes, you must make your eyeliner disappear. It should be entirely blended and smudged into the shadow by the time you are done.
5. Now, blend a lighter shade of eyeliner and eyeshadow (rusty brown for example) to your bottom lash line and gently smudge it. This smudging is the most important step to give you the smokey look. It’s important to have definition on your lower lashes without overdoing it.
lana new year 26. Go for a light pink blush; it will give you just the right glow for your winter look.
7. Make sure to fill your eyebrows with the right color.
8. purple lipstick  “boysenberry” by MAC Cosmetics
9. Apply several coats of mascara to get a very dramatic look ( “Hypnose Drama” by Lancome )

lana new year 3

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The 1960’s Makeup

This winter, the 60’s trends are back.

First, Moisturise your skin, then add foundation matching your skin tone.

eye1For the eyes, apply a light coloured eyeshadow along the crease of the eye, and highlight the centre of the crease with brown shade. Add a hint of a grey shade all over the eyelids. A Winged eyeliner complements the look . Finish your eye makeup by coating your eyes with several layers of Mascara ; it makes your lashes longer and fuller. lip1

Make your cheeks glow by mixing a pink and a peachy blush , and at the end apply a nude pink lipstick ( Snob by MAC)  .


Try it yourself and share me your feedback!

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